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Enjoying Eating for Better Health!
Dishes suitable to various dietary issues.

Lynda Tremblay & Laurent Loison

Are you looking for a home service for you or your loved ones?

Vagabond’âge distribution is a supplier of specialized products that promote home support in Quebec and improve the quality of life of people losing their autonomy.

Contact us today by phone at 514-704-4574 or by email at to discuss your needs. Whether it be specific nutritional needs, recommendations made by the hospital nutritionist or the home care service at your local CLSC.

We have been working in food services for individuals who have chosen to live at home for over 25 years and Vagabond'âge distribution is a proud distributer in Quebec since 2013. We are two compassionate human beings committed to the Quebec community. 

We deliver a range ofhealthy and local foods to your home. Food such as purees and other related products or even juices with consistencies adapted to the new IDDSI standards and prepared according to Health Canada recommendations. Currently, our service is aimed at people living with dysphagia (swallowing problem) independently or supported by home support services. Our services are à la carte, which means they allow you to create a menu adapted to your tastes and daily dietary needs.

Among the products offered, you will find different types of purees such as: Épikura from Prophagia, Épurée chef inspiration from Chef Marco Gagnon and Trépurées from Campbell’s, all foods meeting superior quality standards. To the varied choices of dishes offered by these companies, we have added to our service offering complementary products such as the HYDRA+ juices with thickened consistencies prepared by Lassonde and the following Nestlé health science products: the thicken up and Thicken up clear thickening powders, Bénéprotein also in powder form, Boost pudding, Resources 2.0 preparations, Compleat regular and organic formulas (for those who need to be force-fed) and more.

Find almost everything to make your life and that of your loved ones easier, lighten your tasks and save time. We will deliver the desired products to you, in your region, once a month, at an advantageous price. We are the tailor-made solution to all your needs in terms of food products adapted to the condition of your loved ones or yours, whatever they may be.

We are proud suppliers of the following products:
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